Ohio State making changes after loss to oregon

Ryan Day has had two days to sit with his first regular season loss as the head coach of Ohio State. In his first time addressing the media since watching the film, he has come to a few conclusions. Day has confirmed that he will not be making a change at QB sticking with CJ Stroud after he completed 35 of 54 passes for 454 yards and three touchdowns in loss against Oregon although the issues on the other side of the ball may not have been all the surprising. Day says that it has been a pattern and that adjustments will be may. Defensive Coordinator, Kerry Coomb’s decision making has been under scrutiny. Coach Day did to want to get into too many details about any staffing changes but did share that he had honest conversations about the defense not meeting expectations. He did not want to make a rash decision but indicated that everyone needs to do their job and when that’s not happening, changes need to be made. 

I’ll be providing more updates on these changes Saturday morning on the Big Ten Network prior to kickoff.

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